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Allowing children and their families to enjoy the moments that matter. 

Speech therapy services in Durham, North Carolina & surrounding areas

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Welcome to Radiant Moments Pediatric Therapy! We are a private practice dedicated to providing the highest level of speech and feeding therapy to families in Durham, North Carolina. We make it easy for families to get the services they need by traveling to you, whether that’s in your home or at your child’s school.  This offers convenience for those with busy schedules, but also allows us to support your child in the environment most comfortable to them.  


At Radiant Moments, we support children in pronouncing sounds, using more words, creating sentences, finding alternative ways to communicate, bottle feeding, transitioning to solids, and enjoying a variety of foods. Our goal is to bring compassion, energy, and positivity to every interaction and help guide you and your child at every step along the way. 

Our Philosophy

Radiant Moments Pediatric Therapy believes that:

  • children and families should be supported in determining their own goals.

  • individual differences should be celebrated.

  • strengths, interests, and lived experiences should remain at the forefront.

  • the whole child should be considered, including physical, sensory, social-emotional, and cognitive abilities.

  • families should be given knowledge and resources to feel empowered to help their child.

  • therapy should build confidence, resilience, and determination. 

speech therapy durham

How We Can Help

Free Initial Phone Consultation

speech therapy durham
speech therapy durham


speech therapy durham

Individual Therapy

speech therapy durham

Parent & Professional Consultations

Meet the Owner

Caitlin Burke, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist & Owner

Caitlin is an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist with 10 years of experience working with children of all ages and abilities.  Every child who sees Caitlin is met with compassion, enthusiasm, a big smile, and a genuine desire to improve their quality of life.  Caitlin especially loves guiding families at the beginning of their therapeutic journey so that they feel hopeful and optimistic. She specializes in the areas of autism, gestalt language processing, augmentative and alternative communication, medically complex children, speech sound disorders, and feeding.

speech therapy durham
speech therapy durham
speech therapy durham
speech therapy durham


"Working with Caitlin changed our lives. With her insightful application of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) during our children's speech therapy sessions and in training us parents to carry on communicating outside of speech therapy sessions, we were able to bring our three nonspeaking Autistic children from near non-communication to full communication. Now everyone in our family communicates by speaking, and we have a happy mix of AAC as a normal part of our lives to help smooth over moments when speaking can be a challenge. Caitlin's whole-person, respectful, partnership-based approach to communication is rare and profoundly life-changing. We highly recommend her services and are forever grateful for how much functionality and joy she has helped us establish in our Autistic household."
-Summer (Autistic Mother)

Alexa Young, CA


Farm Buddies & Radiant Moments Website (2)_edited.png

Radiant Moments has partnered with My Little Farmer to present Farm Buddies, a fun & interactive class on the farm led by an educator, occupational therapist, & speech therapists! 


Your child will develop self-advocacy, emotional regulation, problem-solving, and social skills through a variety of activities, including animal encounters, gardening, sensory play, and more!


Come join us down on the farm for a guided exploration catered to the needs of your neurodivergent child!​​

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Farm Buddies & Radiant Moments Website (2)_edited.png


speech therapy durham
speech therapy durham

(919) 980-6288

speech therapy durham
speech therapy durham

Durham, North Carolina and surrounding areas

speech therapy durham

Private pay (cash, check, HSA/FSA accepted) and superbills provided per request

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